Intelligent Control Technology
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iControlt is a company specialized in ground traffic management, developing optimal transport networks with an efficient movement of traffic. They are in charge of enhancing the city’s vehicular flow and lowering safety risks for drivers and pedestrians. With an extensive amount of experience, from the highways of Panama City to streets of Santo Domingo, iControlt stands as an expert in traffic control solutions.

iControlt needed a fresh new look, in order to fortify communications among their current clients and begin a consistent dialogue with the general audience.

SIGO proceeded to redesign iControlt’s logo, with the intention of visually simplifying, the complicated tasks they simply for us on a daily basis. By using the small dots in direction towards the “C”, we accomplished our goal of vividly representing Controlled Traffic.

Once the brand was secure, SIGO continued to design and develop an amazing new website, conveying iControlt’s experience, knowledge and leadership within their field.

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